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In my business I have learned the hard way that my focus needs to be industry specific. This isn't always going to work depending on the area you operate your business in and the variety of businesses available to target. I wanted to share a case study on one of the biggest property developers in the Perth region. Blackburne Property group was established in 2003 and now one of the most well renowned developers in the area. We were introduced to one of the client liaison managers through a BNI connection. We decided to narrow down our target market to anyone that developed, build, sold, financed, or settled property. We sent a request to our network and got a bite when one of the graphic designers we know was working on the images for a new 6 star resort style apartment building that Blackburne was currently building. He passed on my details to the person he was liaising with for the image side of the project and visa versa provided me with her details. I sent a short introduction email to her that day and within about 2 days she responded back asking more questions. I offered to come and sit down for a quick 5 minute meeting so that I could show her some of the projects I had worked on in the past and some of the product that we use. When we sat down she was quite happy to show me the gifts they had been using in the past. I priced them out and the other company was charging almost double what they were actually worth using a 60% design fee. From there they were hooked with our concept, our ability to brand the ribbon, and our care and thought that we put in to the product range that we showed them. The first project I worked on was actually for a building that they were subcontracted for, for a smaller developer. I provided 80 gifts to the value of $85 each. Hard task when they want a bottle of Moet in each gift. I worked quickly to ensure they would get the best bang for their buck and turned the gifts around in just over a week and a half. It was a hard one because of the short turnaround but, I put the extra effort in and it has paid off. Because of that one project we are now their preferred supplier for any type of gift in the company. I have completed a project of 156 gifts at $190 each which contained a customized candle, bottle of Veuve Cliquot, hand wash and hand cream, and they supplied iPads for the gifts as well. I also did a custom made key box for each unit that had the keys neatly hung on hooks pinned into a foam insert in a box. I am currently working on another project for 133 gifts ranging from $100 to $215 dollars each. Similarly I supplied 3 gift concepts for the different styles of units ranging from the lower end of $100 each up to the $215 each. I have worked with 3 different people within Blackburne as they get promoted to other positions I am left to liaise with new individuals. Because of the quality of work, quality of service, and feed back their clients give my details quickly get passed through the company to the correct hands and they already know what I do and why they continue using me. I have a list of buildings and finish dates for Blackburne and other sub-contracted projects they have on the go. About 4 months out from the finish dates I send a reminder email about the hand over gifts and that starts the flow of work again. Relationship management is key to the success of keeping this type of client. They have so many departments and are very busy with their own projects that a small reminder every once and a while goes a long way. I hope this sparks a few more conversations about your own clients and how you managed to get the lead and how you currently maintain the relationship.    

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Posted by THE original basket boutique- Perth
Asked on May 8, 2017 7:19 am

couple of photos now added

Posted by THE original basket boutique- Perth
Answered On May 11, 2017 5:40 am

Great Job.

Posted by OBB Grande Prairie
Answered On May 9, 2017 4:56 am

Could you provide photo examples of the gifts you designed? Sounds like a great account. I cannot sell alcohol so that limits the type of gifts I can design. But I do like the idea of fine bath and body products, especially in a case like this of a high end apartment living resort.

Posted by OBB Fort Collins
Answered On May 8, 2017 1:08 pm